How This Works

Study Away is a program in which you enroll at another University of Minnesota campus for one semester. Before enrolling in the program, review the following information.

Work with your adviser or success coach

Meet with your adviser or success coach to learn more about how Study Away fits with your academic planning. Some considerations include: your academic and career interests, your degree progress, and course prerequisites.

Tuition and fees

You will be charged separate tuition rates and fees for classes taken on different campuses. Specifically, you will be charged the tuition and associated fees of the campus where you are enrolled. If your home campus has a 13-credit tuition plateau (a policy in which you pay a flat tuition rate based on 13 credits no matter what your credit load), the tuition charged to your account will be prorated to match your home-campus tuition cap.

Apply and register

To apply for the program and register for courses, you will complete an Application for Study Away form

To participate in the program, you must maintain full-time status and take designated Study Away courses.


University housing may be available during your semester of Study Away, but it is not guaranteed. For more information about availability, contact the Housing & Residence Life office of your destination campus: